Training Examples Using The SwimFast Ergo - Swim Bench

Using A Swim Bench – the SwimFastErgometer will improve all levels of swimming.

Sprint Training Set

Try A Sprint Training Set Using the Swim Fast Ergometer below.

1.Warm Up -Mobility 8-10 minutes

2.12×50 Front Crawl swimming strokes

3.12×70 Front Crawl swimming strokes

4.12×80 Front Crawl swimming strokes

Middle + Long Distance

Try A longer Training Set Using the Swim Fast Ergometer below.

1.Warm Up -Mobility 8-10 minutes

2. 4x 4-5 minutes Front Crawl swimming strokes

3. 2x 8 minutes Front Crawl swimming strokes

4. 10 minutes NON Stop Front Crawl swimming strokes

Swimming Stoke Improvement

Consider using the SwimFast Ergometer for technical sets, with or without swimming coach to hand, although having an extra set of eyes can really help improve the swimming stroke movement on the bench.

Frequently Swim Fast Training Qs

Swim Bench Questions​

The Swimfast Unit come with everything you require to get started out, some swimmers don’t require any other extras: 

  1. Multifunctional On Board Training Console
  2. Standard Hand Paddles
  3. Full Unit Construction 

As the SwimFast Ergometer fully stocked with everything you could possibly require included we only charge for certain extras.

1.The Halo

2.Hand Paddles

3.Upgraded Half Palm Paddles

4.Swimfast Whipkick

5.High Catch Roller

The good news is that the unit has the EZ fold up – so it folds up into one half-sized unit.

Yes, you can train on the SwimFastErgo Every day, it should not replace normal swimming activity however.