The Revolutionary Swim Fast Ergo

Swim Bench – Swim Station

Swim Bench - Swim Station

The revolutionary Swimfastergo – is an “Ergometer” based swim and exercise station training you for the pool but out of the pool. – its certainly not just a rope and bungee system, but rather an air-braked flywheel providing high variable levels of resistance mirroring real water action, catch, and swimming feel.

Revolutionary Swimfastergo

Pretty much most swimming movements can be performed on the SwimFast Ergometer.

In addition to all swim stroke-specific movements that are possible, the SwimFast Ergometer can also be considered a ballistic free-standing exercise station – allowing a whole range of alternate strengthening movements and exercises to be undertaken.

Swim stroke-specific

The swim fast ergo can be used in Higher humidity environments, as it is made from stainless steel and with updated tropicalised Console. With high specification adjustable width and length arms, that move to accommodate all different width specific swimming strokes. The Swim Fast Ergometer has a returned to base tensioned rotational bench, that fully supports the swimmer during movements.

SwimFast Ergometer


N1 Swim Bench Ergometer

With an added Ergometer the resistance is similar to water, resistance levels can range from 1 -10

Duel Ergometer Control

Amazing Duel Ergometer Control

No other Swim Bench in the world has the duel movement control, with lateral flex throughout the control of each swimming stroke.

Fully Supported

A Fully Supported bench position

Having a good well supported bench to lie on is important the SwimFast Ergometer has an upgraded bench, with extra width.

Best Swim Bench

Best Swim Bench Specifications

With an amazing range of specifications you will see why many of the top swimming states are now buying up the SwimFast Ergometer.

SwimFast Ergometer Frequently

Asked Questions​

The Swimfast Ergometer has Adjustable handles, all strokes can then be carried out with the correct movement.

To order simply contact our support team, ask for general advice if required.

Yes, All Strokes can be worked on the swim bench, duel movements and adjustable arm sections.

Yes, you can fold up the Swim Fast Ergometer quickly , with an Ez fold vertical storage and wheel away 

Yes, the unit  has a computer that has soft-wear packages, you can find out more here.