Swimfastergo Hand Paddles

Three really great hand paddles for use with the Swimfastergo, all great for improving frontend swimming skills.

Standard Paddle – with easy grip and on-off with central palm pressure points for use

The standard hand paddle that is supplied with your SwimFast is a very easy-grasp handle.

The upgraded full palm handles – encourage a flat hand contact

Really great hand paddles complete with flexible outside edges.

Upgrade 1/2 Finger Palm Paddles– promote an improved pressure point

The kidney shaped finger palm paddles are perfect for catch phase prep.

Swimfastergo Swim Hand Paddles

Standard Hand Paddles

Standard With The Swimfastergo

Perfect for all general use and supplied with your Swimfastergo 

Hand Paddle Grips

Additional Hand Paddle Grips

The most popular had paddle unit, with a flexible edge

Upgrade 1/2 Palm handles

Upgraded 1/2 Palm handles

A perfect little paddle for the all important catch phase 

Other Swimfastergo Extras

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