The Halo Swim Trainer Template

With the Halo Swim Trainer template you can maximize the benefit of your SwimFast Ergo.

Use the Halo Swim Trainer Template

The SwimFastergo swim bench can be fitted with a patented Halo – swim trainer bench template, The Halo Template can ensure that the athlete uses a super High elbow catch phase (often called E.V.F – early vertical forearm) We do highly recommend that this Swimfastergo accessory is used to maximise the benefit of using your SwimFast.

Halo Swim Trainer For High Elbow

The high elbow technique is important to middle and long-distance freestyle swimming.
If you are looking to gain maximum training effect, It can be critically important that when swim training the arm and shoulder action replicates as closely as possible the arm and shoulder action used in the swimmers training environment pool or open swimming.

Here Is How Halo Swim Trainer works

The Halo template slots into brackets under the SwimFast front end.
You then adjust the template so the rim is just inside where your triceps meet your elbow when your arm is at full reach extended entering the water. You can use the template to improve “Catch” @ each and every freestyle stroke.

Improve catch phase
Improve high elbow
Maximize your SwimFast Ergo