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The amazing SwimFastergo is engineered to complement your water time – to maximise your swimming strength, reduce swim times, and maximise your time in the water.

SwimFastergo - Its more than just a Swim Bench , its a Swimming revolution

Take Your Swimming To The Next Level

WITH THE SWIMFASTERGO – you receive a specific swim-action strength building at both higher and lower resistance levels than water-work alone can provide, all in the comfort of dry land, or if you cant get in the pool. See what swim coaches say here.

If you’re on the poolside or at the pool facility you can get a higher or lower than water-work frequency/stroke rate.

With Swimfastergo you have an opportunity to train when time in the pool is limited.

You receive a guaranteed equal resistance on each side, ensuring asymmetrically balanced swim workout.

Swimfastergo gives you the ability to isolate the torso and upper bodywork, leading to a specific strength and endurance gain.

Limited Swimming Pool Time?


More Than Just A Swim Bench

Resistance Mirroring Real Water Action

Whole Range Of Movements

Folding Compactable And Storable Design

With Swimfastergo, you too...

Swim with no pool!

Specific swim-action strength building training

Boost Swimming power when your not in the pool.

Guaranteed equal resistance on each side of body, totally all round gains.

Get strength both sides of the body, totally.

Higher and lower than water-work frequency

Different type of Swimming training.

Isolate torso and upper body work, leading to specific strength endurance.

Full Torso upper body workout.

Opportunity to train when pool time is limited

Limited pool time , no problem with Swimfastergo

Computer monitoring of performance, speed, stroke rate and work output.

Performance data, Speed, HR and more.

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